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Bicycle Coalition Youth Cycling’s (BCYC) June 2nd Criterium Race in West Fairmount Park closed out the athletes’ spring Core season and welcomed new and returning All Stars to the summer teams. Friends and family of BCYC gathered on the center lawn of the 1/2 mile Sweetbriar Loop to cheer our teams through their (Cat C) 20-, (Cat B) 30-, and (Cat A) 40-minute battles to complete as many laps as possible before the final bell.

For anyone who hasn’t spectated a Crit before, they’re great races to catch because you have multiple opportunities to watch the athletes speed by, and it’s incredibly impressive to see them keep up and intensify their efforts for the duration of the race (20 minutes in the sun at full effort is a long time, y’all!).

After the races wrapped, everyone gathered for lunch from team sponsor District Taco, then a podium ceremony recognizing the top three athletes from each Cat and SLA Beeber as the team with the most collective points this season. Roxborough came in 2nd in the total team points competition, which is an awesome achievement for a first year team! Check out the full gallery of photos from the day here.

Below are all of the athletes whose team riding, endurance, cornering and sprinting skills were on full display on Sunday:


  • Tasherah Stewart
  • Janiya Bacon
  • Danielle Rutherford – 3rd place
  • Jasmine Robinson – 2nd place
  • Nymeesha Womack-Newman – 1st place
  • Kamaiyah Jackson

CAT C Open/Men                                                

  • Sayvon Taylor
  • Cameron Ransom
  • Jahquill Johnson
  • Robert Brittingham – 3rd place
  • Xavier Johnson
  • Ryan Coleman
  • Jaylin Stinson
  • Joshua Townsend
  • Justin Johnson
  • Dymir Bacon
  • Marquell Floyd – 1st place
  • Aiden Alonzo Jones – 2nd place
  • Keanu Saulsberry
  • Markheem Holmes
  • Quydir Muchison
  • Samuel Igiozee
  • Samuel Sterling
  • Jayden Alexander
  • Nandor Thompson


  • Samiyah Davis
  • Ionyae Wodlock
  • Alexis Bozeman
  • Maria Braxton
  • Tyria Beverly – 3rd place
  • Antoinette Ellis
  • Samiyah Hughes
  • Aarianna Brown
  • Shaneal Ruddie
  • Clarissa Williams
  • Gisella Dukes – 1st place
  • Victoria Williams – 2nd place

CAT B Open/Men                                                

  • Deonnis Gerald
  • Tayon Swearingen
  • Sie’mir Townsend – 2nd place
  • Dimir Mathis
  • Jadon Riley
  • Henry Rix
  • Sayyid Danielly
  • Isaiah Sterling
  • Jordan Clarke
  • Devin Liles
  • Maurice Jones – 1st place
  • Gene Faust
  • Jean-Paul Fils
  • William Ward
  • Daniel Sinyal
  • Dexter Le
  • Eric Porter
  • Nick Strapp
  • Sammed Monk
  • Tyier Woodruff
  • Amiri Rivera
  • Simon Garner – 3rd place


  • Sasha Catledge
  • Lurena Watkins – 2nd place
  • Adiva Andrews – 1st place
  • Nia Pressley
  • Gianna Handschin – 3rd place

CAT A Open/Men                                               

  • Emir Johnson
  • Khuzan Sabb
  • Patrick McNeal
  • Scottie Williamson
  • Izire Hawkins
  • Dant’e Smith
  • Jonathan Cox
  • Tyzeer Tate’Postley
  • Calvin Wallace
  • Jahiem Williams – 1st place
  • Tamir Nicholson
  • Dennis Morris-Wesley
  • Qaasim Hayes
  • George Cao
  • Paul Hoffman
  • Devante Bivins – 2nd place
  • Junius Jones
  • Jahmiel Jackson
  • Sahmeer Mundy – 3rd place
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