The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia was psyched when we were nominated for a Sustain PHL award—and we were especially honored when we actually won.

Sustain PHL, put on by GreenPhillyBlog’s Julie Hancher, was Philadelphia’s first celebration for “sustainability visionaries to unsung heroes making a difference in their communities.”

The Bicycle Coalition was nominated for the #FuturePHL award, dedicated to organizations helping Philly’s institutions and people value its commons as an engine for economic prosperity and higher quality of life.

Up for the award were the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, urbanist PAC 5th Square, and Fairmount Park Conservancy: Reimagining the Civic Commons.

Not only were we honored to by highlighted alongside such awesome organizations, but the Bicycle Coalition actually works alongside the Conservancy and 5th Square on a regular basis.

5th Square, for example, is deeply embedded in the Vision Zero policy the Bicycle Coalition and others have been working on.

And Fairmount Park Conservancy: Civic Commons worked with the Bicycle Coalition this summer on the “Spare a Tree, Use a Bike Rack” campaign.

During our speeches, Sarah Clark Stuart spoke about the importance of advocacy for Philadelphia’s future. She thanked all our members and supporters for the hard work they, too, perform.

Randy LoBasso noted that to “Sustain Philadelphia,” we need to sustain all of Philadelphia, and advocate for new transportation options for all communities throughout the city.

Thank you to SustainPHL for the important award. We’re really psyched about it. But we also take this award as a call to action: Our advocacy to make bicycling a safe and fun way to get around for anyone in the Greater Philadelphia Region has a long, long way to go. Being recognized as an organization that will help bring Philadelphia into its future as a safe, sustainable city means a lot to everyone here.

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