GreenPhillyBlog is putting together the first Annual Sustain PHL awards this year, a “celebration for sustainability visionaries to unsung heroes making a difference in their communities” – and, we’re very honored to say, the Bicycle Coalition has been nominated in the “Future PHL” category.

GreenPhillyBlog described FuturePHL as the following:

What makes a world-class city? Traditionally, one would highlight its inspiring architecture, arts, and culture. Good schools and safe neighborhoods likely fall high on the list, too. In recent years, better transportation, land use, and public space have also become priorities for those considering a potential move or visit to an urban area.

We’ve been nominated alongside 5th Square PAC and Fairmount Park Conservancy: Reimagining the Civic Commons, which is pretty cool, because we’ve actually worked with both of those groups and believe they both have a very important role in our region.

The SustainPHL awards take place Thursday, August 18 at 7pm. And if you’re interested in coming to the event, you can get tickets here.

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