Bicycle Coalition Gives Out 400 Pairs of Bike Lights


On Monday night, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia held its annual Bike Light Giveaway, where we gave away 400 pairs of front and back lights in South Philadelphia.


The Giveaway—sponsored by Councilpeople Kenyatta Johnson and Mark Squilla, who respectively represent the west and east ends of South Philadelphia, SEPTA, and Sowinski Sullivan Architects—took place on Washington Avenue, at 11th Street and 15th Street.


Bicycle Coalition staff and volunteers met many cyclists from all over the cities, many of whom either did not yet have a light, or their lights had recently worn out.


All cyclists are required, by law, to have a clear light on the front of their bike.


Lights on the back are not required, but we recommend them for cyclists’ safety.


Thanks again to Councilpeople Kenyatta Johnson and Mark Squilla, SEPTA, and Sowlinski-Sullivan Architects, for making the 2016 Bike Light Giveaway possible.

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2 comments on “Bicycle Coalition Gives Out 400 Pairs of Bike Lights

  1. Linda

    It’s great that you are giving lights away. Perhaps this is a street vendor opportunity. I know there are bike shops that sell lights, but vendors near large bike parking areas may have an opportunity to also sell lights.

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