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BCYC scholarship Krystal Philson now attends Trinity College and is the elected President of the College’s LGBTQ club.

Our Bicycle Coalition Youth Cycling Scholarship Fund is now in its third year, and we are so proud of the persistence, creativity, and excellence our athletes are bringing to their college communities.

Read on to find out more about all of their accomplishments.

2017 Cohort

Krystal Philson
Trinity College
Major: Theatre 

Krystal (pictured above) and her Mentor Waffiyyah have stayed very close and been a true model for how a successful mentorship relationship can positively impact a BCYC college athlete. Krystal and Waffiyyah talk and text at least once a week and meet up in person for lunch, coffee, or even shopping and family events when Krystal is home on break.

Krystal is the elected President of Trinity College’s LGBTQ Club and she works part time for a local non-profit with children. Her academic focus is in theatre. She is interested in acting, production and everything in between. She has been creating some incredible photography lately as well. Going into her Junior Year, Krystal is studying in New York City for the Fall of 2019 and Prague for the Spring of 2020 through Trinity’s study away program!

Coleman Milligan
Clarion University
Major: Engineering 

Coleman has worked with his BCYC mentor Cy to further define his Major and path. Coleman is working towards a degree in Human Factors Engineering which will include a Masters degree! Outside of incredible academics, Coleman recently received his university’s “Balanced Man” award, which acknowledges his contributions to the campus and an ideal representation of positive masculinity. He also participated in creating some promotional materials for his office of campus life:

Bicycle Coalition

Coleman thanks everyone involved in the BCYC scholarship program for supporting his hard work:

Thank you for being a great help along my journey going to college. Thanks to your generosity I have been able to not only enjoy but learn so much from my completed two years of school so far. Pursuing human factors engineering won’t be an easy task but I fully plan to make not only my family and friends proud but everyone who has granted me the honor of being a scholarship recipient as well.”

Tamia Santiago
Drexel University

Bicycle Coalition

Tamia is continuing with her Mentor Bryan Berman while studying abroad in 2020 in Ireland and Jordan! Tamia doubled down on her commitment to her involvement with the BCYC program over this last year by coaching a first year team at her Alma Mater, Roxborough High School, as well as supporting the Triathlon Team at practices and field trips.

2018 Cohort

Mya Miller
Franklin & Marshall University

Mya is entering her second year at Franklin and Marshall. She and her BCYC mentor, Kyle Hearing, have developed a very tight knit relationship contributing massively to Mya’s success in her freshman year.

Mya has continued to develop her leadership and professionalism as she returns to work for BCYC as a coach and coordinator each summer. This summer, she took on a head coaching role with a new partner team at Girard College!

Bicycle Coalition

Tajae McMillan
Community College of Philadelphia / City Year

Tajae is transferring to Community College of Philadelphia this fall and pursing a position with City Year.

Bicycle Coalition

2019 Cohort

Junius Jones – Northeastern University

Junius selected Richard Adler as his college Mentor, whom he met at the 2018 BCYC Career Day. We are very pleased to see this event have a value in our scholars’ networks that bring about a lifelong connection. Junius, Richard, and Taylor had lunch last week and spent a meaningful two hours getting to know one another and setting goals for the upcoming semester. After attending Triathlon nationals next weekend, Junius intends to join Northeastern’s Triathlon club!

Kayla West – Shippensburg University

Kayla has chosen to work with her Mountain Bike Team Coach, Meghan Dinneen. Meghan and Kayla both attended the Scholarship Award meeting at Capital One and are off to a fantastic start. Kayla is pursuing a degree that will support her in a career focused on early childhood education.

Adiva Andrews Penn State Main Campus

Adiva has chosen Eric Greenburg, a long term volunteer at our Neighborhood Bike Works Core Team, as her College Mentor. Adiva participated in the Scholarship Award meeting at Capital One and is off to a fantastic start. With an interest in Transportation Engineering, we very much hope to keep Adiva involved with BCGP long term!

Patrick McNeal – Penn State Brandywine Campus

Patrick will be working with his Race Team coach, Jerry Jacobs, during his college career. Patrick attended the Scholarship Award meeting at Capital One and participated in Jerry’s scholarship fundraiser, practicing his public speaking skills by sharing his journey through BCYC programs to college. Patrick is starting his college journey with a focus on Psychology.

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