For the past few years the Baxter Trail, which runs along the Delaware River between Pennypack Park and Pennypack Street, has opened on weekends between Memorial Day and Labor Day from 8AM to 8PM. This year Philadelphia Parks and Recreation (PPR) has temporarily suspended opening the Baxter Trail on weekends because of the Philadelphia Water Department’s ongoing construction on Pennypack Street. As of June 13th, the Water Department has installed a temporary asphalt path. According to Riverfront North Executive Director Stephanie Phillips, the trail will reopen once the fencing is adjusted. In the meantime, Riverfront North is continuing to work with PPR to open the southern trail gate, which will allow in and out access from Pennypack on the Delaware Park.

Since the trail’s construction, the Philadelphia Police Department has not permitted the full opening of the trail because it is adjacent to the department’s firing range. The trail is part of the Circuit Trails Network and the East Coast Greenway and it is hoped that improvements will be made to permanently open the trail. In addition to the firing range, the Philadelphia Fire Academy has a training facility adjacent to the trail, and if you’re lucky you may witness training exercises at the site’s burn building.

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