In Philadelphia, the Department of Public Health provided the Bicycle Coalition with an important COVID-19 vaccine update. The update confirmed that bike shop workers are eligible to receive the vaccine when Philadelphia’s Phase 1C will roll out.

After receiving this news in Philadelphia, we began looking into the vaccine rollout plan for the Commonwealth of PA and the State of New Jersey to provide an update for bike shop employees outside of the city. The Pennsylvania and New Jersey vaccine roll-outs are not as clear cut as the Philadelphia one, and our calls to health departments did not end in the clarity we were looking for.

On Thursday morning, we sent letters to the Secretary of Health in Pennsylvania and to the Commissioner of Health for New Jersey requesting an update on bike shop workers’ eligibility for receiving the vaccine in Phase 1C for those who live in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

We don’t have answers yet, but will continue to keep you updated as soon as we receive a response from the letters sent.

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