Announcing Philadelphia’s First-Ever Vision Zero Conference


The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia is teaming with Thomas Jefferson University Hospital for Vision Zero Philadelphia, the first-ever Vision Zero Conference in Philadelphia. It will take place at Thomas Jefferson University on December 3, 2015.

Vision Zero is a policy that seeks to reduce all traffic deaths in a given area to zero in a given amount of time, and we believe many citywide organizations — City Hall, the Philadelphia Police Department, and hospitals, among others — have an important stake in this important issue. Guests and speakers will join us from all over the country to tell us about what works, and what doesn’t, to create a safer Philadelphia for people on bikes, pedestrians and people in cars.

Philadelphia’s new administration is committed to reducing road injuries and deaths through implementing a Vision Zero policy.

Vision Zero is based on the concept that road crashes are not accidents, but are preventable events.

Through education, engineering and enforcement, road deaths, currently totaling nearly 100 per-year in Philadelphia, can be reduced to zero.

National experts in safety, design, engineering, education and enforcement from both the public and private sectors will share their expertise and experience to help lay the groundwork for a goal and action plan that is tailored to Philadelphia and employs best practices. Join us for a day of speakers, panels and break out-sessions focused on this crucial safety issue.

Schedule and Speakers


If you would like to be a part of Vision Zero Philadelphia, please click here.


This event is being conducted with support by the following sponsors:

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5 comments on “Announcing Philadelphia’s First-Ever Vision Zero Conference

  1. Bill

    Will pro-driving groups also be invited to speak? We are all users of the roads. Many of the Vision Zero ideas have been shown to NOT work, so you should want to hear from all sides.

  2. Sarah Clark Stuart

    AAA Foundation is the Gold sponsor and the president of AAA Foundation is speaking.

  3. James C. Walker

    There is only one way to achieve zero traffic deaths and that is to have zero traffic. Only pedestrian precincts with zero vehicles will have zero deaths from vehicle crashes. It is unlikely to return to the late 1800’s with zero “horseless carriages”.

    Can we reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities? Sure, but not with unattainable goals.

    James C. Walker, Life Member – National Motorists Association

  4. Josh

    Vision Zero does not work in NYC. Pedestrians and bicyclists are getting killed more often.Speed Cameras make streets more dangerous and causes road rage. Say NO to Vision Zero and speed cameras in Philadelphia. Vision Zero is way for a municipality to gain revenue through unfair enforcement. The main goal for Vision Zero supporters is getting motorists not to drive.

  5. Stephen

    “vision” zero is not so much about safety but a political campaign to “punish” drivers on every single crash, EVEN IF THE BIKE RIDER OR PEDESTRIAN CAUSED IT!

    You cannot make roads “safer” by manipulation speed limits especially if 8 out of 10 were caused by the pedestrian or bike rider.

    YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND WHY a crash happens.

    How many were:
    by bike riders and pedestrians who walked against a signal.
    walked drunk or rode drunk
    suicide by car.

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