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The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, AAA, State Rep. John Taylor and Philadelphia Councilman Al Taubenberger will call for the passage of new speed camera legislation for Roosevelt Boulevard on Tuesday, July 19 at 11am at the corner of Adams Avenue and Roosevelt Boulevard in Northeast Philadelphia.

Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia is well-known as one of the most dangerous and deadliest roads in Philadelphia. Each year, about 10 percent of all Philadelphia traffic fatalities happen on the Boulevard, due to its outdated design, which invites excessive speeding and dangerous behavior.

“Roosevelt Boulevard is a killing machine,” says Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia Executive Director Sarah Clark Stuart. “Too many people, adults and children alike, have died unnecessarily because of the roadway’s poor design and lack of enforcement to control speeding motorists.”

Between 2011-2015, 61 people lost their lives and 4,731 were injured due to crashes along the Boulevard. A third of those killed were pedestrians who lost their lives simply by walking in the vicinity of this roadway.

In order to make Roosevelt Boulevard a safer street for motor vehicle drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists, State Rep. John Taylor recently introduced HB 2233 which would create an automated speed enforcement pilot program, automatically ticketing motor vehicle drivers who excessively exceed speed on Roosevelt Boulevard.

“I live right near the Boulevard, and have seen first-hand the lack of control too many motorists exhibit,” says state Rep. John Taylor. “It seems like you can’t go a week without hearing about another preventable tragedy on that road. That’s why, as the Chairman of the Transportation Committee in the state House, I introduced new legislation that, through automated enforcement, will help put an end to the excessive speed that’s become the norm on the Boulevard. Like most Philadelphians, I’m tired of hearing about these senseless tragedies that take place in the Northeast.”

This effort is also supported by Councilman-at-Large Al Taubenberger.

“Roosevelt Boulevard has been a dangerous roadway for drivers and pedestrians for far too long. As Mayor Kenney prepares to implement a zero tolerance goal for traffic crashes in the city, I can think of no better way to support that effort than to target the worst performing roadway in the city and send a message that excessive speeding will no longer be tolerated,” says Councilman Al Taubenberger. “Too many lives have been lost on Roosevelt Boulevard and, with improved technology and better enforcement, we know we can make Roosevelt Boulevard safer for drivers and pedestrians alike. I applaud Representative Taylor’s initiative to lead this important public safety effort.”

Auto club and traffic safety advocate AAA Mid-Atlantic additionally supports HB 2233, and will be on hand to add remarks in support of the legislation.

Recent findings from a AAA poll of Philadelphia-area motorists indicate more than half of all motorists (52 percent) support the use of automated speed camera enforcement to ticket drivers who exceed the posted speed limit.  In addition, the same AAA poll showed 21 percent of motorists believe divided highways (like Roosevelt Boulevard) are the most important location to place speed cameras.

“Slowing down motorists will save lives and prevent injuries. AAA supports Rep. Taylor’s proposed HB 2233, creating a speed camera pilot program on Roosevelt Boulevard, one Philadelphia’s deadliest roadways,” said Jana L. Tidwell, Manager of Public and Government Affairs for AAA Mid-Atlantic. “A recent AAA motorist poll shows more than half (52%) of Philadelphia-area drivers support the use of speed cameras. AAA believes that when implemented with the proper motorist protections, as outlined in HB 2233, automated speed camera systems can contribute to the goal of reducing unnecessary fatalities and promoting traffic safety for all road users.”

The Institute of Highway Safety recently released a study of 28 international studies, showing that speed camera enforcement reduces injuries and fatal crashes where they are installed.

A study of crashes before and after speed cameras were introduced in Washington, D.C. showed a 16.8 percent reduction in crashes, and a 20 percent reduction in total injuries.

WHO: The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, AAA, State Rep. John Taylor, Councilman Al Taubenberger

WHAT: Introduction of House Bill 2233: Automated speed enforcement Pilot on Roosevelt Boulevard

WHERE: Parking Lot at Adams Avenue and Roosevelt Boulevard in Lawncrest, next to Sprint and Dollar Tree stores.

WHEN: Tuesday, July 19, 11am

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