Late last year, members of the Burlington County Action Team sent a letter to their county commissioners urging them to prioritize the Circuit Trails for the influx of federal funding to improve our transportation infrastructure. Thanks to their advocacy they helped the Circuit Trails Coalition raise awareness of the important aspects the growing network of trails brings to their county and throughout the Greater Philadelphia region.

To keep the momentum going, we ask that residents of Burlington County take action today by sending a letter to their county commissioners requesting that they set aside 10% of available American Rescue Plan (ARPA) funding to advance the Circuit Trails through planning and design. Congress has taken several significant actions that will send an infusion of federal funding to New Jersey for infrastructure and economic recovery – in order to take advantage of these opportunities, the county must prepare these projects for construction. Funding from the ARPA is already flowing into cities and counties and is available for use.

That is why the Circuit Trails Action Team is asking you to send a letter today to your county commissioners asking them to set aside 10% of these funds to prioritize the Circuit Trails network in your county. It’s imperative that your county commissioners position the Circuit Trails as a viable investment to advance the network and enhance the region’s active transportation system.

Your advocacy helps advance the Circuit Trails Coalition’s goal of completing 500 miles by 2025. Act now by sending a pre-written letter addressed to your county commissioners.

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