About Those I-676 Ride Indego Users…

by | July 14, 2015 | Bike Share | 2 comments


Video surfaced on YouTube this weekend of two Ride Indego users taking a not-so-joy ride on Interstate 676 through Center City. The video immediately erupted in the Philly blogosphere and the video has so far received 9,000 views. Here it is:


Already, the Philadelphia Daily News has written a story about the incident, and Fox 29 has taken to the comments section of the YouTube video, seeking comments for their own story.

The Bicycle Coalition wrote an April Fool’s joke blog about this very sort of situation six years ago. It was supposed to be ridiculous then, and it is ridiculous now.

Let’s be clear: Cycling on 676 and other urban interstates is not just incredibly dangerous, it’s illegal. In Pennsylvania, interstates and highways defined as “limited access highways,” do not allow cyclists. Limited access highways are high-speed roadways with things like exits, on-ramps, etc.

Other highways, like Route 13 (which becomes Frankford Avenue) and Route 1 (Roosevelt Boulevard and City Line Avenue) allow cyclists, unless specifically noted via a sign.

Considering the high speeds and quick exits, I wouldn’t recommend too much driving on 676—let alone biking.

We understand that with a new bike share program, the city will see new riders on our streets. That’s a great thing for Philadelphia. But with great bike share comes great responsibility. So let this story be a lesson: Do not ride your bike on 676, 76, or 95. You’ll thank us later.

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  1. Cari Kerby

    If Indego can track GPS of its users, I think it behooves Bicycle Transit Systems to reach out by phone to these users and remind them they have broken bike share policy. So dangerous, so glad nothing happened to them.

  2. Sensible human on the internet

    I am almost certain they did not enter the highway intentionally. No one in their right mind would do that. They must have entered near the Franklin Street entrance. That is a very confusing intersection and I could understand someone who is not familiar with the area accidentally entering I-676 instead of Vine Street or another surface street.


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