Auction for an Exclusive VIP Package at Philadelphia International Cycling Classic

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The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia is auctioning off a package of exclusive items ahead of the Philadelphia International Cycling Classic taking place on Sunday June 5th. The Classic is the most prestigious one-day cycling event in the United States.

The package includes: Two tickets to ride in the VIP car during one lap of the men’s race. Two tickets for all-day access to the International Cycling Classic Tent. As well as a Cadence Youth Cycling jersey. For a direct link to the auction please click here. (Auction via BiddingForGood).

The race itself hosts dozens of international men’s and women’s cycling teams who follow a multi-lap course starts and finishes at the top of the Manayunk Wall, the race goes along Kelly Drive, into Fairmount Park, and though East Falls. This is a world class cycling event and any chance to get closer in on the action should not be missed.

The revenue from the auction will go to the Bicycle Coalition, but it will specifically benefit the Cadence Youth Cycling Program. The program works with high school students around the city of the Philadelphia to promote healthy habits, teamwork, leadership, independence, and perseverance through cycling.

To auction for these exclusive items, click here

-Marina Stuart

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