When Citizens Bank Park opened in the early aughts, there were two bike racks for those who wanted to travel to a Phillies game by bike. And the stadium’s bike parking situation sort of stayed that way for a while: One rack at the right field gate, one at the first base entrance, encompassing a mere 36 bike spaces.

Of course, many cyclists, like myself, managed to park their bikes along the parking gates and to signs, when those two gates were a bit too far from their ticket area, or full.


Those days are (likely) over.  Citizens Bank Park has added more parking for bicyclists heading down to the game – a lot more parking.

There are now eight total bike racks at Citizens Bank Park — seven of which are for the general public, encompassing 144 total spaces, 126 of which are for public usage.


In addition to the rack in right field and the one at first base, there is a second first base rack, two bike racks in left field, and two at third base. According to a representative in the Phillies’ front office, the idea for more racks has come largely from Philadelphians calling, and asking for more.

right field

While the organization is interested in “Going Green,” this initiative is not necessarily part of that.

The representative said the racks are just there due to demand, and as a means to make it easier for those who ride their bike to the ballpark.

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So, remember to ride your bike to the ballpark when you go to your next Phillies game. It’s the best.

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