15th Street Bike Lane Put on Ice

by | June 13, 2022 | Vision Zero, Biking in Philly | 0 comments

One of the protected bike lanes that did not get an ordinance or hearing last week was proposed on North 15th Street between Vine and Arch Street.  This protected bike lane was going to be placed on the left side of the street and would help bicyclists safely get to Love Park from Vine Street.  Support was provided by the Logan Square Neighborhood Association and 80 persons who live in the 5th District, who sent in letters in response to our action alert from late May.

However, Council President Clarke decided not to introduce the ordinance this month in time for a hearing before the Streets and Services Committee.  We asked his office why the ordinance wasn’t introduced and the response was that it had to do with the loss of a turning lane at corner of Arch and 15th.

We are disappointed in the Council President’s decision and hope that he will move the bill when Council reconvenes in September.


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