Members of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia gathered at Third and Spring Garden last night for a successful free bike light giveaway.

The lights, purchased from Planet Bike for a discount, were installed by Coalition volunteers and members of the Cadence Cycling team. The event was sponsored by Councilman Mark Squilla and Northern Liberties messenger bag retailer R.E. Load Bags.

We like to think the giveaway was especially timely. This past Sunday, Daylight Savings ended and—maybe you noticed—it was completely dark by 6pm last night. Reality tells us it will continue getting darker earlier until the end of December.

The other thing: All bikes in Pennsylvania used before dawn and after dusk must be equipped with a front light and rear reflectors visible from at least 500 feet. That’s the law, but it’s also just common sense. Bike lights keep you visible to other cyclists, pedestrians and cars on the road. They also create a greater line of vision while traveling at night.

Jorge Brito, a member of the Coalition’s Better Bike Share team, estimates more than 150 lights were given away to cyclists from all over Philadelphia during the 5:00pm hour on Monday.

Missed it? Don’t worry. We’ll be at 52nd and Walnut on Wednesday doing the same thing, again at 5pm. That event is sponsored by Firehouse Bicycles and Wolf Cycles and is being supported by Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell. It’ll be your last chance (for the time being) to freely equip your bike for the early nightfalls.

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