The weather last night was cold and clear, but that didn’t keep us from decking out in our holiday finest and taking in the street! BCGP and our friends at Wednesday Night Rides hosted around 300 people for the 10th Annual Holiday Lights Ride. This year’s ride had the highest attendance on record, and the 7-mile route through South Philly was full of beautiful street displays from 2nd and Mifflin to the legendary loops on South Colorado and South Smedley, before finally wrapping up at the Miracle on 13th Street.

There’s nothing quite like a big group ride—everyone following the chosen route, watching out for each other at intersections and obstacles, clearing the way when necessary, and simply enjoying the ride together. We loved riding with you all, and the weather (and the lights) couldn’t have been better!

This ride, of course, was only possible by the support of Members and volunteers, who showed up to plan and lead this event—thank you to all who made it successful. Stefan Zajic from Wednesday Night Rides said it best:

Now that my toes have finally thawed, I want to say a HUGE thank you to the BCGP staff for organizing and running an absolutely incredible ride last night. It was so good! Thank you for all of the work you put in ahead of time and in the moment to make it happen so smoothly. Thank you also, tremendously, to the volunteers, in particular those who put their bodies between cars and the riders, and a special shout out to Peter K and Mike R for their work on the route. I’m feeling pretty inspired about bicycling community in Philly this morning! I hope you all have a warm and restful end of the year. You’re the best.

Much love,

Much love to you, too, Stefan, for your dedicated work and support as a Coalition Member!

If you want to do the ride on your own, you can find the complete ride map and cue sheet here on Ride With GPS. Cheers to Wednesday Night Rides for their thoughtful planning of this route!

Special thanks to Electrical Wizardry, Inc. for helping make this event possible, and to Redshift Sports, Cartesian Brewing and Tattooed Mom’s for their support!

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