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Tacony Creek/Roosevelt Blvd Groundbreaking!

Earlier today, Philadelphia Parks & Rec hosted a groundbreaking ceremony along the Tacony Creek Trail. The segment, known as “Tacony Creek Trail Phase 2,” will for the first time since the construction of Roosevelt Boulevard provide a safe connection between the north and south sections of Tacony Creek Park and surrounding communities.  3,186 total views, 0 views today

3,186 total views, 0 views today

Update: Driver Who Struck Abington Teen in Crosswalk Charged with Assault

Last month, we reported on a disturbing event in Abington Township, Montgomery County. Kelly Williams, a rising freshman at Abington High, was struck and critically injured while crossing the street at an intersection with a very clearly marked crosswalk and no traffic signal. As if this wasn’t tragic enough, the coverage from must have only […]

MontCo Teen Struck By Driver in Crosswalk Blamed For Crash

At approximately 2:45pm Wednesday, a teen was struck and critically injured while crossing the intersection of Highland and Canterbury in Abington Township, near the Abington High School. Despite the crash occurring in a school zone, during daylight, and in a very explicitly marked crosswalk, media reports focused on whether or not the youth was “distracted,” using […]

Vote For Better Roads and Sidewalks on OpenDataVote

OpenDataVote encourages citizens to get involved in the process of open government and cultivates government transparency through the release of data and they asking you to vote for the data that you want the City of Philadelphia to publish on OpenDataPhilly Non- Profit organizations were invited to submit data ideas. The three organizations that win […]

The Bicycle Coalition’s 2016 Year in Review

It’s been quite a year at the Bicycle Coalition of Greater of Greater Philadelphia. We’ve seen our first parking-protected bike lane in the city, reached 320 miles of Circuit Trails throughout the 9-county region, worked with a victim’s family to enact change at the state level, advocated for (and got the ball rolling on) a […]

Podcast Series: Safe Routes Philly

Safe Routes Philly is a program that teaches and encourages students to ride bikes and walk safely in the city. SRP puts on many projects, including Bike to School day and Ride for Reading. SRP is supported by the city Department of Public Health and a National Highway Safety Administration grant to the Office of […]

Podcast Series: Bike Law

Stuart Leon has been commuting and cycling around Philadelphia since the late 80s. He worked as an injury lawyer until 10-12 years ago when he decided the only people he wanted to work for was cyclists. He is now a bicycle crash lawyer. So if you are cyclist and get hit by a car or […]

Podcast Series: Protected Bike Lanes

Protected bike lanes are an important part of any bicycle network — and, unfortunately, Philadelphia has very few. While the city does have more than 400 miles of bike lanes, only recently have we seen any sort of physical or visible barrier between cyclists and cars. On this episode of the Bicycle Coalition podcast, we talk about […]

My Experience Interning with Safe Routes Philly

For many students in Philadelphia, the last two weeks of May can only mean one thing: Senior Project. It’s a time when students across the city must scramble to find their way through new situations – leaving the classroom behind in favor of two-week internships at a variety of city organizations. For me, the Bicycle […]

Board of Directors Vice President Amanda Benner Wins Prestigious Award

Amanda Benner, vice president of the board of directors of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, recently received the Exelon Energy for the Community Volunteer Achievement Award. The award was presented to her at the Exelon’s Community Volunteer Awards ceremony on June 1st. The awards recognize PECO employees are working to advance communities in Philadelphia […]

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