How Does #BikePHL Get Through Winter Commutes?


Yesterday, we asked our Twitter peeps (“Tweeps,” if you want to get technical about it) what they were doing to get through the winter on their bikes. After all, on most of our commutes to work Tuesday morning, we were dealing with 18 degree temperatures and a 16 mile-per-hour headwind.

There are typical ways to deal with this — I personally strap on two pairs of gloves in the waning days of winter, and try to cover my face with a scarf; I’ve been told to line my foot with a plastic bag before putting on my shoes, too, but haven’t tried that yet.

Below, check out some of our followers’ tips for better, warmer cycling in the winter months, as it continues getting down to 18 degree mornings, and lower.

What’s a balaclava, you ask? This.

And a ushanka hat? One of these. (Note: Probably won’t fit under your helmet.)

Yeah, mugs of coffee can fit on bikes! Check them out here.


Are mittens really that much warmer than gloves? According to USA Today, yes.

Then there’s just, well, not traveling too far away from your home.

Stay warm out there! And if you have more tips for bicyclists in the Greater Philadelphia region, tweet them at us!

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One comment on “How Does #BikePHL Get Through Winter Commutes?

  1. Joe Dille

    Stay warm by wearing an Ultra Clava (or growing your beard out) and putting heat packs in your gloves. The bike is more stable in the snow if you run your front tire at the low range of the allowable pressures too.

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