Children and adult biking along the temporary protected bike lane during day of demonstration.

On a weekend in October, the Transportation Management Association of Chester County (TMACC) partnered with the Borough of West Chester to create a “pop up” protected bike lane. The facility was created in the morning with volunteers placing barriers and signage, and painting the roadway. Bicycle Coalition Chester County Chair Bob Dredge was among the volunteers.

Man painting a temporary bike lane for a day of demonstration.

Unfortunately, this facility can’t stay, as PennDOT does not consider it legal according the PA code. This is why we are working on changing that code.

HB 792 will legalize these types of bike lanes across the state. It recently passed the the PA House 200-1, but it must now pass the Senate.

So far has not had a hearing in the Senate Transportation Committee.

Click here to sign up for our action center so you can help us with an upcoming advocacy push to get this bill passed into law!

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