A photo from last year's Ride for Reading (Dubai edition). The duffel bags are filled with chapter books.

A photo from last year’s Ride for Reading (Dubai edition). The duffel bags are filled with chapter books.

We at the Bicycle Coalition have a HIGH PRIORITY mission to run this Thursday, and we are looking for good operatives to help us execute it.

The payload:
A collection of donated books (aka “The Paper Barracuda”)

The target:
Blankenburg Elementary School (aka “The Hornberg”)

The mission:
Deliver the payload to the target via bicycle at 0800 hours this Thursday.

Each operative must bring their own field kit (aka “a bicycle and a bag/backpack/trailer or something that can carry books”).

To accept the mission, speak the words “Blue Viper is in the meadow” into the solar trash can on the corner of 17th & Bainbridge. But just in case the trash can is compromised, fill out this form.

In other words

Last year's ride

Last year’s ride

We need volunteers for the Ride for Reading (aka “Operation Silver Knife Learning”). We have a collection of donated books which we got shipped to our storage facility. We will deliver them via bicycle to Blankenburg Elementary School, where every child will take home at least one book. The students will also get a short presentation about healthy minds and healthy bodies.

We need volunteers to help us transport these books 5 miles to the school. The itinerary:

7:30 AM – meet at our storage facility, 2000 Hamilton Street (near the Fairmount Whole Foods), to load books into bags and onto bikes
7:45 AM – Bike ride leaves Hamilton Street
8:45 AM – (approximate): Arrive at Blankenburg School (46th & Girard –  3 mile ride)
9:00 AM – Ride for Reading assembly

If you’d like to help out, please RSVP on this form.

Riders are welcome to stay for the assembly, or simply drop off the books and then head to work.

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