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[UPDATED 3/5: Good things happen when activists like you pay attention and take action. The amendment passed the House! Read more here.]

Members of the U.S House of Representatives are voting later today on an amendment that would standardize roll-on service for bicycles, wheelchairs and other devices on Amtrak trains, helping make the service more accessible to everyone. Given the increasing popularity of multi-modal transportation options for the U.S. commuter, we figured our readers and members would be interested in something like this. Check out this Action Alert from the Bike League:

Support Roll-On Access on Amtrak

TODAY the U.S. House of Representatives is voting on an amendment to standardize roll-on service for bicycles, wheelchairs and other devices used for transportation by people with disabilities.

Please ask your Representative to support the Lipinski Amendment to standardize bicycle roll-on service at Amtrak stations.

Demand for multi-modal transportation options, including the increasingly popular combination of bikes with buses and trains, is growing across the country. Currently, only a handful of Amtrak stations and train services allow convenient roll-on access, and where they do, the service is popular and well-used. The Lipinski Amendment would require Amtrak to report to Congress on what standardized roll-on service would look like and what it would take to get there.

A number of bicycling organizations have been working with Amtrak to improve roll on service. Offering the service will make Amtrak more accessible, increase ridership and give riders more transportation options once they get to their destination.

Click here to compose your message via the Bike League’s website. You can enter your information to make sure the message goes straight to your U.S. representative.

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