The City of Philadelphia and PennDOT announced an update in their Market Street “improvement  project” on Tuesday. Earlier this year, PennDOT and oTIS announced the Market Street Improvement project would include a two way bike lane that connects to the existing parking separated lane, which currently runs from 20th to City Hall on Market St. The two way bike lane would also connect to the parking separated bike lane on 22nd Street. As this year’s paving season comes to a close, one can now see striping on Market Street from 23rd to City hall.

From 20th to 23rd on Market Street, the complete street safety project will:

  • Change the layout of the road to control driver speeds throughout the corridor,
  • improve the safety of left turns from Market Street,
  • increase safety for people walking at intersections and add a separated two-way bike lane on the north side of Market Street.
  • The project will remove one car lane going west and some parking spots on three blocks.

Despite the striping on the road, the project is not done yet.

To facilitate the new layout and improve safety on the corridor, traffic signal modifications are required at the Market Street intersections with 23rd, 22nd, 21st, and 20th. The signal modifications are scheduled to be completed by the spring of 2023. The bike lane (between 20th to 23rd) will be temporarily closed until the traffic signals are upgraded to control cars turning left from Market Street. There will be barriers across the lane until the signal work is completed. Signs and barriers will be posted on the street with information about the project and a QR code to this blog post. The bike lane will not open until the traffic signal modifications are complete.


We are anticipating that posts will be installed in the coming weeks on the one-way bike lane between 20th and 15th Street in the coming weeks.

Please be aware and plan your route accordingly.  We look forward to celebrating this new addition to the protected bike lane network in the spring! Read more via the City’s Press Release, office of Transportation, Infrastructure and Sustainability flyer

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