A faded bike lane on Washington Avenue. (Photo: PlanPhilly)

A faded bike lane on Washington Avenue. (Photo: PlanPhilly)

This week is crucial for the future of Washington Avenue. The extra-wide South Philly arterial, consisting of mostly small businesses on the east and contractor materials and auto supplies on the west, is a failed street. With 327 crashes per year, it is unsafe for all road users and has become known for its faded bike lanes, double parked cars and trucks, sidewalk-idling motor vehicles, and that general feeling of traffic anarchy by those traveling east and west on it.

It’s become the subject of debate for neighbors, businesses, and advocates. The media has written about the street, and written about it, and written about it. Earlier this summer, nearly 400 Bicycle Coalition supporters signed our email petition and flooded city officials’ inboxes, demanding something be done, now.

And so, on Thursday, the city has agreed to hold a public meeting to discuss the future of Washington Avenue. That meeting will be held on September 3 at 1100 South Broad Street, at 6pm.

But tonight, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia will be holding a pre-meeting to get all interested supporters and advocates ready for Thursday. The meeting will be held upstairs at Tattooed Mom at 530 South Street at 6pm. RSVP for the event here. 

While there, you will get a fact-sheet, containing the following:

  • Current Conditions of Washington Avenue
  • Bike lane conditions/gaps
  • Where bike crashes are concentrated
  • Bicycling, pedestrian and motor vehicle elements that will make Washington Avenue safer
  • Two diagrams showing new street plans the Coalition would endorse

We encourage you to bring this fact sheet with you on Thursday, and use it if you plan to speak.

Tonight’s schedule is as follows:

6pm: Arrive at Tattooed Mom’s upstairs bar, receive fact sheet, socialize
6:30pm: Members of the Bicycle Coalition will present on Washington Avenue
6:45pm: Audience questions

Oh, and since it’s Tuesday, tacos are on special at Tattooed Mom. We fully endorse Tattooed Mom’s Taco Tuesdays.

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