TONIGHT: Velodrome Meeting in South Philly

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8-6585d0a083The Parks and Recreation Commission will hear a presentation tonight regarding Project 250, a privately-funded project which would bring an Olympic-class velodrome on four acres of Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park along Broad Street in South Philadelphia.

As noted in a previous blog post, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia supports the proposed velodrome—and not just because we believe it would be a great project in support of our youth Cadence Youth Cycling athletes; we’re also psyched about the environmental improvements Project 250 intends to make to the park. They include: Drain and dredge 21 acres of lakes and ponds to remove accumulated silt and debris; restore existing freshwater wetlands; mill and surface 1.5 miles of roadway loop; repair and replace over two miles of bicycle and pedestrian paths.

We feel these improvements to the park for all users are sorely needed.

In the spirit of full disclosure: BCGP Deputy Director Sarah Clark Stuart serves on the Parks and Rec Commission, but has recused herself from all decision-making around Project 250 due to the Coalition’s support of the project.

Public Meeting. 6pm-8pm. American Swedish Historical Museum, 1900 Pattison Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.

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