We’re excited to share that the new and revamped version of our website, launched in November 2019, has won three awards.

Our site was recognized in the 2019 Vega Digital Awards:

– Canopus (highest honors) in the Website, User Experience category (link)

– Centauri (2nd highest honors) in the Website, Visual Appeal category (link) was also recognized in the 2020 AVA Digital Awards by the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals with a Platinum (highest honors) in Creativity (Web Design), Website Redesign categories (link).

A huge shoutout to Key Medium, and its founder & Bicycle Coalition member Ali, who was responsible for development, design, and revamp of our branding. We hope that the new site provides better resources to encourage people across Greater Philadelphia to integrate bicycling into their lives to increase access to opportunities, enrich community, and improve health. We are also hopeful that this more accessible and engaging version of our website will mobilize people to participate in our advocacy and get more involved in the issues that impact their communities.


We hope you enjoy our new website as much as the critics. If you have feedback or suggestions, please reach out to Ashley.
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