This blog is part of our year-end “Why We’re Thankful” series, highlighting the Bicycle Coalition’s—and your—accomplishments of 2014.

The Philadelphia Streets Department was awarded $250,000 this summer to create “Neighborhood Bikeways” on 13th & 15th Streets from South Street to Oregon Avenue. This grant is the culmination of three years of work on improving this corridor through South Philly.

The money will pay for green-backed sharrows, solid parking lines delineating the parking lanes from the vehicular travel lane, new crosswalks at each intersection, signage on Broad Street directing people to the bikeways, and new signage along 13th and 15th Streets from South to Oregon (4 miles and 20 blocks in total).


This is a project that—like the green paint laid out in other places all over the city—will let drivers know that 13th and 15th Streets are meant for more than just cars. We expect the green paint and sharrows to result in fewer crashes on the streets and mark an increase of bikes on those streets—which, alone, makes everyone safer.

The Bicycle Coalition and the people of Philadelphia couldn’t have made this accomplishment happen—or any of our accomplishments, for that matter—without your help. We need your participation to continue our work in 2015 and beyond. So, if you’re not yet, consider becoming a member of the Bicycle Coalition.

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