Too many have died on our roadways. We must take action now. Write your state Senator and demand they pass the Target Zero Commission Bill this December.

Those affected by traffic violence tell tragic stories: 

Sangeeta Badlani’s 11-year-old son Nikhil was a mile and a half from his home when a reckless driver ran a stop sign and killed him instantly. Pam O’Donnell’s husband, Tim O’Donnell, a beloved County Prep High School teacher, and her 5-year-old daughter Bridget were on their way home when they were killed by a drugged driver. Oscar Zanoni, a kind-hearted and beloved member of the Metuchen community, and an avid bike rider was killed by a tractor-trailer. And of course our friend, Andrea Gonzalez, a 33 year-old urban planner and former Bicycle Coalition employee killed by a driver while leading a Radical Adventure Riders bike-packing trip in Cherry Hill on October 21st .

Nikhil, Tim, Bridget, Oscar and Andrea are just five of the thousands of victims who have died on NJ roadways. We fight for those lost so that no more families will have to suffer the same fate. 

The Target Zero Commission Bill (S2885) would create a statewide Commission that will develop an Action Plan to achieve the goal of zero traffic deaths in New Jersey by 2040. Senate Bill S2885, already unanimously passed in the Assembly (A4296), is waiting for the Senate to act before the end of this legislative session in December. The bill must be passed now, without further amendment or delay, or this opportunity will be lost.

Take two minutes and click here to enter your information to view the letter addressed to your Senator asking for their support of Bill S2885 and help end the silence on traffic violence.

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia leads the movement to make every bicycle ride safe, to empower youth and adults to ride, and to foster a ridership that reflects the diversity of the region. Right now the Bicycle Coalition is asking 700 folks to join or renew their support for another year to continue that advocacy and education work. More info here.

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