Philadelphia’s World Day of Remembrance for victims of traffic violence will take place on November 21st along the Cobbs Creek Parkway in West Philadelphia. WDOR is an international event, honoring people who were killed in traffic crashes throughout the world, and meant to bring much-needed attention to the worsening traffic violence issue and call upon political leaders to do more to curb these preventable tragedies.

WDOR is hosted by Families for Safe Streets Greater Philadelphia, an organization made up of the families of victims of traffic violence, who have organized with each other to advocate for safer streets in the region. They often work alongside the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia and other partner organizations. The November 21 event will the first time WDOR is held in person since 2019, and the first Families for Safe Streets in-person event since that time, as well.

To date, Families for Safe Streets Greater Philadelphia has been responsible for a number of advocacy changes, including getting speed cameras legalized and installed on Roosevelt Boulevard in Northeast Philadelphia.

State-owned roads like the Cobbs Creek Parkway are responsible for a majority of the traffic deaths and injuries in Philadelphia. We have, therefore, decided to hold the event at Cobbs Creek to highlight some of the changes that need to happen there and invite all political and community leaders, and everyone, to join. The event will take place at 11am. Convening will take place at Cobbs Creek Recreation Center and the event will walk to Cobbs Creek Community Environmental Center, where there will be several speakers. The full agenda is TBA.

Who: Families for Safe Streets Greater Philadelphia
What: World Day of Remembrance 2021
Where: Cobbs Creek Recreation Center to Cobbs Creek Community Environmental Center
When: November 21, 11am

RSVP for this event here. We hope to see you there.

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