As excitement built towards the kickoff of our 2024 BCYC Spring Season, our coaches came together for two sessions to learn more about the program and how they would play an integral part in the success of our youth this season!

Session One: Setting the Wheels in Motion

The first session kicked off as coaches gathered to delve into the rich history and ambitious goals of our youth cycling program. Against the backdrop of eager anticipation, our seasoned mentors shared insights into the program’s evolution, emphasizing its profound impact on shaping young cyclists into confident and responsible individuals both on and off the saddle.

Throughout the day our Coaches gained an understanding of their pivotal role in nurturing our BCYC youth. With a blend of passion and purpose, our team was poised to ignite the spark of inspiration in every young rider who crossed their path!

Session Two: Pedals and Team Building Thrills

The second session shifted gears as coaches geared up for an action-packed day of on-bike activities and team-building adventures. While the weather was cold and a little rainy, leaving us looking forward to the sunnier skies this spring, our dynamic Alumni coaches led the charge, igniting a frenzy of excitement, amazing conversations, and camaraderie among participants.

This training day wasn’t just about discussing how to improve cycling skills of our youth, like speed and stamina; it was about fostering a sense of unity and resilience, empowering young cyclists to conquer obstacles with determination. Sharing stories of success and strategies that have been employed in the past, for our new coaches joining the squad this year, it’s become clear that coaching at BCYC is a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Let’s Get It Started!!

The season kickoff for our youth cycling program was a vibrant affair, with eight out of 10 teams gathering at their respective sites, bringing together nearly 90 eager young participants and over 20 passionate coaches for the beginning of what may be our most exciting season yet! The energy felt at each site was contagious as each team buzzed with excitement, ready to embark on their cycling journey together.

The first practices were dedicated to familiarizing our youth with their bikes and equipment, ensuring they understood how everything worked and getting them properly fitted. From adjusting seat heights to fine-tuning handlebar positions, coaches worked tirelessly to ensure every rider felt comfortable and confident on their trusty steed. As practices unfolded, smiles radiated from every location, signaling the beginning of a season filled with camaraderie, growth, and the sheer joy of pedaling towards new adventures.

We’re looking forward to an exceptional season and thank everyone who supports our youth cycling program!

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