As the vibrant hues of spring emerge, so does the enthusiasm in our youth cycling community. We’re thrilled to share some exciting updates that promise a season filled with growth, camaraderie, and, of course, lots of pedal power!

We’re set to kick off our Spring Core Season in March and have partnered with 10 sites in Philadelphia who will help us provide programming for our youth participants! We’re excited to return to many sites we’ve worked with in the past and welcome a new location for us to introduce cycling to a new group of youth!

We’ve expanded our coaching team with experienced mentors dedicated to nurturing the skills and confidence of our young riders. 

Our calendar is buzzing with upcoming events designed to inspire friendly competition and foster a sense of achievement. Save the date for our May 11th “Hunting Park: Hustle N’ Ride,” which will include a Time Trial and Criterium Race, where our youth athletes will be able to show off their racing and bike handling skills learned through the program. We’re also excited to include a Community Ride, which will allow for car free enjoyment of the Hunting Park “Big Loop” for local community members and cycling enthusiasts of all ages! Mark your calendars as you won’t want to miss this!

As we embark on this new season, we’re committed to creating an inclusive and supportive environment where passion for cycling flourishes.

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