Looking for a reliable, year-round source of local produce, meats, dairy products, breads, and other groceries? 

Our friends at Philly Foodworks run the largest online local food market in the tristate area, but they do way more than just sell delicious food. Having started out as urban farmers themselves, they understand the rewards and challenges of growing food, and they are committed to building a better distribution network between farmers/producers and consumers in our area. 

We also love Philly Foodworks because of their efforts to create an environmentally sustainable food system. It starts with the farms they work with, focusing on farmers using regenerative growing practices, doing extensive crop planning to reduce over-producing, and efficient trucking to get the product into the area. In an effort to create more sustainable acquisition routes, they work with their farmers to aggregate product to centralized hubs. When it comes to waste they work on limiting it almost entirely. Product at the end of the week is donated while unusable items are composted back into the soil. While it’s difficult to completely eliminate packaging from online delivery, Philly Foodworks does its best to limit excessive packaging and most of it can be reused or recycled. In other words, when you shop with Philly Foodworks, you help support a more sustainable local food community.

Like what you’re reading? Read on to find out how you can become a Philly Foodworks member today.

Step 1: Sign up for your new PFW account

Signing up with Philly Foodworks is easy! Click here (or “Join” at the top right corner of their website) to begin our simple three-step registration process:

  • Choose a delivery method. Select home delivery, or search PFW’s map of community pick-up locations and choose the pick-up site that’s most convenient for you.
  • Create a password and edit your profile. Enter your name and email, choose an account password, and, if desired, select a prepayment value to load onto your account.
  • Provide payment and billing info. Set up your payment preferences and billing information in PFW’s secure system, and you’re ready to get shopping!
Step 2: Get Shopping

Once your registration is complete, head to the PFW online market and start shopping! Browse and add items to your order a la carte, sign up for one of their weekly, biweekly, or monthly produce boxes and/or supplemental subscriptions, or do both.

  • Browse the market and shop for specific items: Explore PFW’s selection of fresh, local foods. With more than 800 items to choose from, your weekly shopping “trip” will never be the same again! Check out this week’s offerings ➡️
  • Sign up for recurring subscription food boxes: PFW’s weekly, biweekly, and monthly subscription boxes — including CSA-style produce boxes, as well as single items or categories like coffee, bread, meat, cheese, and more — are meant to make your life easier by automatically stocking your cart with the staples (or treats) you purchase on a regular basis. Learn more about Philly Foodworks subscriptions ➡️
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