Update: the suspect has turned himself in. 

The details of a violent confrontation between two people in Center City last night are not known, but we’ve already been asked about this incident by members of the media, and were contacted by the District Attorney’s Office this morning about the incident. Here is our statement.

According to news reports, a fight broke out near Rittenhouse Square on Thursday night, between a motor vehicle passenger and a person riding a bicycle. The person on the bicycle allegedly pulled a knife out and stabbed the 37-year-old victim in the back, then fled the scene on foot. We do not know who started the fight, or why the fight began, or, really, anything other than hearsay and what’s been reported.

What happened was absolutely horrible and unacceptable. We condemn this, and all, violence. We extend our sympathies to the victim’s family.

We also encourage the person involved in the incident to come forward and turn themselves in to the police. If reports are correct, the person left behind a bag and a mountain bike—this person will be found. It is better for everyone concerned that they find the police before the police find them.

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