There has been a lot of talk on how out of touch PennDOT’s initial vision for I-95 (a.k.a. I-95 CSP or I-95 section B) between Market Street and FDR Park since Inga Saffron published this article critiquing the preliminary design and the multiple options that were presented in their virtual open house. Even before the Saffron article people who were tuned in commented in droves while State Representatives Feidler and Saval have been directly engaging PennDOT on the proposed designs.

The proposal is in sharp contrast to the ongoing work on I-95 (Section A) between Market St and Cottman Avenue. While the mitigation efforts on that section are not on a level that will not reverse the original damage done by I-95, there are some notable wins, such as the reconfiguration of Monkiewicz Playground in Port Richmond, which was split in two by I-95 in the late 1960s. Several bicycle and pedestrian connections to the Delaware River Trail are also being incorporated into the project such as the new shared-use sidepath on Princeton Street in Tacony.

In October 2023, we provided detailed comments based on their proposals, some of the highlights are:

  • Opposing any increase in the number of travel lanes on I-95
  • Modify the Belgian block configuration on Dock St and Spruce St to allow for smooth bike lanes (per our 2018 request).
  • Improve lighting, landscaping and adding protected bike lanes for streets under I-95
  • Provide a direct trail connection between FDR Park and the Navy Yard that bypasses the I-95/Broad St Interchange
  • Incorporate an extension of the Broad St Subway to the Navy Yard into the project
  • Build barrier-protected bike lanes on 10th St between Bigler and Citizen’s Bank Park.
  • A 7th St flyover over I-95 from Packer to the Navy Yard is acceptable if there is no I-95 interchange and it includes a 12-foot wide barrier-protected sidepath.

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