We are very excited to announce that the 15th Street protected bike lane is completed from Vine to JFK in Center City. Thank you to PennDOT District 6, oTIS, and to our members/supporters in the Logan Square area, the Logan Square Neighborhood Association and the Friends Center for expressing their support for this particular bike lane. Improvements include flex posts running on the East side of 15th St. from Vine St. South to Arch St. and a parking protected bike lane from Arch to JFK.

Why Traffic Safety Matters on 15th Street

Every year, there are over 10,000 reported crashes in Philadelphia, taking the lives of nearly 100 people. Improving traffic safety on 15th Street will help reduce fatalities and injuries on the corridor.

On 15th Street between 2017 and 2021, there were 56 reported crashes, 1 fatality, 1 serious injury. Fourteen crashes involved pedestrians.

This is a crucial segment that will start to connect North Philly to Center City. Currently there is no protected south bound bike lane in this section of the city. The City has plans to expand on the protected bike lane on 15th street by adding a more flex post from Vine to Spring garden street in Spring 2023.



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