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The National Bike Challenge[1. Running through September 30th, the NBC is a nationwide friendly competition meant to encourage folks to get on their bicycles this summer.] is rolling along as we hit the two month mark. If you aren’t yet involved, it’s not too late. Sign up at and earn points for your workplace, city, and state!

Two months in, our region (comprising riders in Philadelphia, Bucks, and Delaware counties) has accumulated some impressive statistics:

  • 488 active riders
  • 96,884 total miles ridden (that’s 3 trips around the Earth’s equator!)
  • 5,251,783 calories burned
  • 87,196 pounds of CO2 saved from the atmosphere

The individual leaderboard over the past month shows Daniel Operacz with a commanding lead:

Here's the top 10 guys and gals currently tearing it up in the Greater Philadelphia region.

Here are the top 10 guys and gals currently tearing it up in the Greater Philadelphia region.

Other leaders in the Challenge so far:

  • Team: Team Shut Up and Pedal Philly
  • Workplace: Message Agency
  • School: Temple University (just barely ahead of Montgomery County Community College)

If you haven’t yet, grab a supported app (Endomondo, MapMyRide, Moves) and hook it up to your free National Bike Challenge Account.

Alternatively, it’s very easy to enter miles manually on the website. Our favorite method involves using the CyclePhilly app to record our trips, then typing the trips into every couple of days.

The National Bike Challenge continues until the end of September. We have 93 days left to get PA to #1!

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