The 2021 National Bike Summit will take place from February 28 – March 3, 2021 and is entirely online. The summit will feature speakers, sessions, virtual tours and much more.

The National Bike Summit is the premier bicycle advocacy event of the year that’s open to everyone who believes in making bicycling better for all. Join us and the 700 attendees registered nation wide to get involved at this critical time in Washington D.C. with new Administration and a new Congress that need to hear from us.

For those who are interested in joining virtually, we encourage you to attend Lobby Day with us on Wednesday, March 3rd to speak with our members of Congress about funding and policy issues. A few funding and policy opportunities that we suggest you check out include supporting the E-BIKE Act to reduce carbon emissions to combat climate change and to urge President Biden and his incoming leadership team to commit to reducing traffic fatalities to zero by 2050.

To join the summit, you can register for the event here and for general information refer to the agenda.

If you’re available to join us on Lobby Day, we ask that you register before the end of today, February 17. If you missed your chance to register as a participant for Lobby Day, registration for the Summit will remain open until March 3, 2021. All sessions will begin at 1pm and end around 6pm Eastern Time. The National Bike Summit will cost $60 for those who are members of The League of American Bicyclists. For all who are non-members the cost of attending The National Bike Summit is $180.

We hope to see you there!

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