On Tuesday, June 6th, safe streets advocates will walk halls of the Pennsylvania State Legislature to speak up in support of legislation to make streets safe for bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists.

Led by the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia and Families for Safe Streets Greater Philadelphia, advocates will call upon members of the General Assembly to bring forward and vote on several key pieces of legislation before the summer recess on June 30:

  • Make permanent & expand automated speed enforcement in Philadelphia (sponsored by Senators Dave Argall and Judith Schwank SB748 and House Rep Neilson HB1284 )
  • Authorize parking protected bike lanes on state roads (HB 1283) sponsored by Rep. Daley and previously sponsored by Rep. Maloney
  • Require State Police to publicly notify auto body shops when hit-run-drivers leave the scene of motor vehicle crashes (Senator Anthony Williams co-sponsorship memo)

Appointments are being made with members of the State Senate Transportation Committee and State House Transportation Committee members.

Want to take the day to advocate for safe streets? Please join us by signing up here.


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