For reasons which we’ll explain in an upcoming blog post, the City of Philadelphia is re-surveying folks about necessary changes to Washington Avenue. Despite last year’s successful efforts to get feedback on how to remake the east-west street, the Kenney Administration decided to host new meetings about changes, after some complaints about the survey results.

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, as well as other advocacy and neighborhood groups, has been a part of these meetings. One of the objectives of the meetings has been a new, printed survey asking folks about the necessary changes that residents approved last year for Washington Avenue.

The survey is similar to the one that 5,400 residents filled out last year, which favored the “3-lane option” for Washington Avenue. If you live in South Philadelphia and are able, please stop by the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia office (1500 Walnut St., Suite 1107) to fill out a copy of the new survey.

Additionally, if you live in South Philadelphia and want copies of the survey, we can print them out for you and bring them to where you are.

There is always someone on staff in our office (M-F, 9:30am-5:30pm), so pop-ins are fine.

Please email Randy LoBasso or Lor Song if you have any questions.

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