2022 was a major year of transition and development, marking 50 years of advocacy and education work by the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia. Like any journey of two wheels, the results are hard-won, both of persistence and of careful navigation through unexpected obstacles at each major mile marker. Through it all, it is only thanks to the dedicated support of our members that we could realize the accomplishments of this year and the half-century preceding it. Over and above essential financial support, your membership sends an important message about the popular demand for better cycling conditions throughout our region and inspires the sense of mission that carries us through our day-to-day. When we put out the call asking for 500 members to join or renew by the end of the year, 533 folks rose to the occasion, giving generously from across the Greater Philadelphia Region and beyond.

One of the incentives we were able to offer our new and renewing members this year was entry into the raffle for a Momentum Vida Low-Step Bicycle (courtesy of Philadelphia Bikesmith). After some time to process all donations to ensure all participants had a chance, we are pleased to announce our winner—Maggie McCormick, 32, of East Falls!

“This is the first thing I’ve won since a basket of beanie babies in the 5th grade! Equally as exciting but the bike might be a little bit more useful! I’ve been biking all of my life, but I would say I’ve gotten more into it over the past 4 years since moving here with my fiancé, Liz. We sold our car in 2020 so my bike really has become my form of transportation. It is amazing what happens when you stop viewing your bike as only a way to exercise and start viewing it as a means of transport. Biking has started to feel to me like it did when I was a kid. I used it to go everywhere, hang out with friends, explore new spots, and it’s been fun to get back to that feeling when I’m on my bike.

I participated in the NYC to Philly ride in May of 2022 and that was my first multi day trip—125 miles over 2 days as a fundraiser for the East Coast Greenway, the group connecting trailways to form one continuous path from Maine to Florida. (Part of it runs right through Philadelphia on the Schuylkill River Trail.)

For me, supporting BCGP since I moved to Philly is all about improving the safety and access to biking across the region. It would be great if more people hopped on their bikes everyday but in order to do that, people need to first feel safe and have an access point in the area where they live.

—Maggie McCormick (BCGP Member since 2020)

Thank you, Maggie, for your generous support over these years. As we embark on a new year, already busy with its own goals and challenges, our work is far from over—there are further miles to be covered, new struggles to be faced and won. If you have been a member in the past or considered joining, today is the perfect time to do it. Please join or renew your membership today.

The support of your membership ensures we have the resources to continue the fight for policies and legislation that enable safe bicycle infrastructure throughout Pennsylvania in 2023.

Thank you for standing with us for another year.

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