Celebrate Our Culture: Parkside

This month, the Better Bike Share Partnership will be hosting a free, online community event about Parkside, Philadelphia with guest speakers De’Wayne Drummond, Lorraine Gomez, and Richard Wilson. We’ll be introducing the new Parkside Neighborhood Ride Guide and highlighting historic landmarks, green spaces, murals, influences and experiences in this community.

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About the guest speakers:

De’Wayne Drummond has been involved in family and community engagement and leadership for most of his adult life. He has served as the Chairman of the 24th Ward Democratic Executive Committee from 2010 to the present, the President of the Mantua Civic Association since 2012, a Political Liaison for The Philadelphia Federation of Teachers Union (PFT), and an Indego Bike Share Ambassador. His passion for serving the children and families of his community and the City of Philadelphia has been realized in his increased involvement in the development of the Mantua Transformation Plan, completing the Citizen’s Planning Committee Institute and the completion of the Mayor’s Office of Community Services Fatherhood Initiative. Furthermore, his ongoing participation in the Promise Zone Initiative’s Collaborative Engagement efforts has insured that his community and constituents remain current and involved.

Lorraine Gomez was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. She graduated from Overbrook High School, attended Saint Augustine’s College in Raleigh NC and served in the United States Air Force from 1978 – 1985 as a Mobile Communication Specialist with extensive travel around the world. As a community activist of over 20 years, Lorraine served as the President of the Viola Street Residents’ Association, an organization that was instrumental in having Viola Street designated as an Historic District at the city and state level. She also currently serves on the Neighborhood Advisory Committee for Mount Vernon Manor Community Development Corporation for Mantua, East Parkside and Powelton Village. Finally, she serves as a consultant for the Promise Zone Designated – Mantua – Mt. Vernon Manor CDC as a Block Coordinator. Lorraine believe that each block is like a village, protecting and providing for their children and seniors. East Parkside particularly is located in a prime area of Philadelphia. Where some might see blight, Lorraine sees the potential of growth for the Parkside community. She envisions that the community can revive, thrive and that Centennial Parkside CDC can lead the community in the right direction.

Richard Wilson was born and raised in London UK, and is soon to be based in Detroit. His interest in art starts from being passionate about Graffiti Art in the 80s. From 2010 he developed his skills as a portrait painter on walls using spray paint, and in the last few years has found himself doing more studio-based works using oils on stretched canvas or panel. He splits his studio time either working to commission or on his own projects. His work is mostly led by his interest in portraiture and figurative work, while also practicing still life pieces.


Oct 02 2020


5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

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Indego & Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia

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