Our voices were heard!

Today at 1:05pm, Governor Wolf issued a letter to the House of Representatives vetoing the amended version of HB140.  He cited the General Assembly’s record of politicizing crime and usurping the will of voters…and urged the legislature to pass the original bill language “so communities can incorporate parking protected bike lanes into their planning initiatives.”

In less than 24 hours, over 900 individuals signed our petition asking the Governor to veto the amended bill (printer’s No. 3601) that compromised the legislation to allow parking protected bicycle lanes on state roads.  We thank all of those who signed for making clear to Governor Wolf that we were counting on him.

We thank Governor Wolf for taking quick and decisive action to veto this compromised legislation.  After 5 years and three versions of the same bill, It is a sad state of affairs that the General Assembly failed to pass this essential, life-saving legislation.


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