We’re buzzing with excitement as we share the exhilarating journey. We participated in two PICL/NICA events; the Inaugural Regional Festival and Championship on November 12th and the Adventure Course at Fair Hill on October 29th. 

Our first stop was the thrilling Adventure Course – a scavenger hunt through the winding trails. With four enthusiastic youth and two dedicated coaches, our BCYC team navigated the course, collecting coins at various checkpoints. We stayed to soak in the atmosphere during the award ceremony, where BCYC Board Member and Co-founder,  Ryan did an incredible job introducing our BCYC team to the PICL/NICA community. 

Our Program Director, Lana Harshaw, was also in attendance. While Lana spent a lot of time networking and introducing BCYC to different teams and organizations, we can’t help but share a fun tidbit – despite her initial apprehension about mountain biking, Lana is now open to giving Mountain Biking a try!

The excitement didn’t stop there! The Inaugural Regional Festival and Championship, spanning from the 10th to the 12th of November, brought us another incredible experience. Though we participated only in the Adventure Course on the 12th, it was spectacular.

The course, similar to the first event but with an added 3 miles for a total of 13 miles of flowy trail, tested the endurance of our two BCYC youth and one alumni coach. Exhausted but with smiles that spoke volumes, they reported having an absolute blast.

As we reflect on these unforgettable events, we’re filled with gratitude for the support of our incredible community. And here’s where YOU come in – we’re looking for passionate individuals to join us as coaches this Spring!

If you’re ready to be part of the fun, check out the link in our instagram for the coaching application.

The journey ahead promises even more thrills, and we can’t wait to have you ride with us.

Until next time…

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia leads the movement to make every bicycle ride safe, to empower youth and adults to ride, and to foster a ridership that reflects the diversity of the region. Right now the Bicycle Coalition is asking 700 folks to join or renew their support for another year to continue that advocacy and education work. More info here.

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