Every year our program partners with high schools and middle schools across Philadelphia to help us with our mission of building healthy habits, leadership, and independence through the sport of cycling. Today, we’re excited to spotlight Central High School!

As one of our larger teams for this spring season, our Central High School athletes bring a boost of optimism and excitement into our BCYC world! Check out some info and stats about Central High School that you may or may not know.

We’re excited to hear stories from youth about their excitement for participating in the program.

Amber, a 10th grader in her first season as a BCYC athlete, who is “excited about touring around Philly and going on bike trails.” She says, “drills have been really fun. I want to work on speed and getting a little bit faster!”

William, a 10th grader also in his first season, is learning how to ride a bike for the first time. He mentioned using practice as an opportunity to “get better” and that he’s looking forward to more!

And of course, this program wouldn’t be possible without help from our coaches.

Stephen, in his third season as an Assistant Coach, is simply “excited to see young people on bikes.” When asked what wisdom he hopes to impart on our youth this season, he said “get back up. If you fall down, just get back up. It’s really helped me in my life and I hope everyone can get into it this year!”

We’re looking forward to another great season this spring and we couldn’t be more excited to partner with a school like Central High School! 


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