Victoria Williams is a BCYC alum who is still deeply engaged with BCYC as a scholarship recipient and part of the BCYC Mentorship Program.  Victoria participated in BCYC from 2019-2022 as a part of the Science Leadership Academy Beeber Cycling Team then rose to become a BCYC All Star on the Duathlon Team.  Victoria received a 4-year BCYC Scholarship and participates in the BCYC Mentorship Program.  She now studies architecture and is in the class of 2026 at the University of Virginia.

How did BCYC Impact You?  BCYC has impacted my life in an ongoing way first-off by providing me with the financial support to continue my education.  Through BCYC, I’ve been given a mentor that has been so helpful during my first semester in college and I know that I can count on the other staff at BCYC for any problems because they are always there to help.

What is a highlight from your time with BCYC?  During high school, BCYC showed me the true definition of community…When all the schools would come together for events, even though most of us were meeting for the first time, it was like we’ve always known each other… Even during the Covid season, I always looked forward to the online practices and events because they always kept me entertained during a time of depression.”

Common threads from Victoria’s experience and the experience of many BCYC participants are the strong BCYC community, how BCYC programming supports both mental and physical health, and the lasting impact of the financial and mentorship support long after students graduate from high school.  Congrats on finishing your first year of college, Victoria!

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