The Bicycle Coalition Youth Cycling Program finished the Spring Core Season with Fun Day and Scavenger Hunt on Saturday, June 10th.  Eight School Cycling Teams raced across the city to check-in at as many locations as possible on the scavenger hunt list.  Popular check-in spots included Port Royal, The Discovery Center, The Philly Pump Track, the Mann Center, and the Manayunk Bridge.  Saul High School won the competition by visiting 13 spots!

The day came to a close with a memorable Fun Day lunch and Awards Ceremony at the BCYC Education Center, situated at the Sedgley Porter House Annex on Lemon Hill. A vibrant gathering of over 40 enthusiastic young cyclists enjoyed a delightful meal, indulged in refreshing water ice, and eagerly anticipated the highlight of the event—the awards presentation.  Alumni, Jahiem Williams spoke and highlighted how essential BCYC was for him when he was in the program and how he continues to be involved as a Scholarship Recipient and Alumni Coach.

At the awards ceremony, BCYC announced 25 new students have joined the ranks as 2023 All Stars; All Stars are youth who exemplify healthy habits, independence and leadership and who have the opportunity to join the BCYC Summer Program by joining a discipline-specific team: Duathlon, Mountain Biking, Race or Tour Teams.  The All Star Program also opens up opportunities for All Star youth to take a bike home while they are active in the program, participate in leadership development programs and when they graduate, they can apply to the BCYC Post-Secondary Scholarship.

During the awards ceremony, we celebrated our 2023 Scholarship Recipients, Jose Pichardo from Kensington High School and Nailah Beach from Central High School. The BCYC Scholarship program, launched in 2007 by Jerry & Julie Jacobs, aims to provide post-high school financial aid, fostering the progress of our student athletes. This program is supported annually through the Annual Bicycle Coalition Gala fundraiser, along with contributions from Jerry and Julie Jacobs. It not only rewards hard working athletes but also motivates younger participants to excel academically, encouraging them to stick with the program. Scholarship recipients receive mentorship, financial support, and opportunities to develop healthy habits, independence, and leadership—core principles of Bicycle Coalition Youth Cycling. Since 2017, we have granted up to four-year scholarships to 23 deserving young individuals, and nine BCYC alumni have received stipends for their assistance as coaches or program contributors.

Let’s applaud our 2023 Scholarship Recipients Jose Pichardo from Kensington High School and Nailah Beach from Central High School as they embark on their post-secondary journeys.

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