Sadly, we want to acknowledge and report on the death of the sixth cyclist killed in Philadelphia that occurred in late May.  We had hoped to report on his name, but the Police Department’s Crash Investigative Division is still investigating the crash and has not yet released his name.

The bicyclist was a 56 year old male.  The circumstances are that a vehicle was northbound on 63rd St crossing Market St when it struck the bicyclist who was traveling south on 63rd St turning left onto Market St. Both parties had a green signal. No video of the crash exists.  CBS report,  NBC10 report Fox29 report

We convey our deepest sympathies to his family and community.

This bicyclist represents the 6th bicyclist to have been killed in the first 5 months of 2023.  His death represents a high rate of bicyclist fatalities for Philadelphia and is twice the number of bicyclists killed in all of 2022.   Eight bicyclists died in 2021, which was the highest number of fatalities since 1997.

This chart below lists all bicyclists who have died so far in 2023.

1/13/2023Tasker StreetColumbus Blvd66FBicycle
1/22/2023Howard St.Berks St.31MBicycle
1/27/2023Westford Rd.Ashdale St.41MBicycle
2/17/2023Lehigh Ave.N 13th St.55MBicycle
5/7/2023Van Kirk St.Loretto Ave.33MBicycle (Electric)
5/27/2023N. 63rd St.Market St.UNKMBicycle
Source: Office of Transportation, Infrastructure & Sustainability, email correspondence

Clearly, the work on Vision Zero must carry on by the next mayoral administration.  While we don’t know either Candidate Parker or Candidate Oh’s position on Vision Zero, we have reached out to engage with them in conversation.


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