Alex Doty

Alex Doty

On November 19 (that’s next Thursday for those reading this the day it’s published), at 10am, Philadelphia City Council will offer a resolution honoring the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia’s former Executive Director, Alex Doty.

Doty became a member of the Bicycle Coalition’s staff in 2003 and rose the ranks to become Executive Director during some pivotal years for Philly’s cycling community. Under Alex’s leadership, the Bicycle Coalition expanded from a staff of two to 20; Alex helped create the Better Bike Share Partnership, which introduced Indego bike share to neighborhoods outside Center City during bike share’s launch; and helped create a partnership with Thomas Jefferson University, who will host Philadelphia’s first Vision Zero Conference in December.

We encourage you to come out to City Hall Room 400 on November 19 at 10am as City Council takes up the resolution honoring our former executive director.

And hey, in case you haven’t heard, the Coalition and some very generous partners have created the Alex Doty Legacy Fund which, in short, means whatever donation you give the Bicycle Coalition now will get doubled. Click here to donate.

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