Lor (Lao) Song

Education Programs Manager

Community Liaison in Philadelphia

Lor Song, also known as Lao, has been Breaking for over 13 years and is a West Philadelphia native.

Being the first generation of his Hmong family, Lao began Breaking in high school as creative outlet. In 2008, he made his way onto MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew Season 2 dancing with his local competition crew Phresh Select from Philly. Lao has worked with local Philadelphia arts dance organizations and companies such as Repstyles Crew, Rennie Harris Pure Movement, Philadelphia Fringe Festival, I Am Phresh Dance Company, A-Sharp Productions and oliveDance Theatre. As a current ensemble member in olive Dance Theatre, he is now a Teaching Artist for the Pictures and Words program, which uses Breaking as a medium to teach literacy through movement and visual art at The Barnes Foundation.

When he is not teaching third grade students to spin on their backs or to scream and shout in the Barnes, you can find him cycling around the various communities of Philadelphia as the Education Programs Manager for the Bicycle Coalition, advocating and educating local communities about cycling safety, sustainability and a healthier lifestyle.

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