Connor Descheemaker

Transit Forward Philadelphia Coalition Manager

BCYC Program Manager Malaku Mekonnen and Program Coordinator Habib Faye pose in front of BCYC's headquarters in Fairmount Park

Connor arrives with seven years of experience in facilitating coalitions and working with members to produce a more equitable and sustainable urban environment. They love cities deeply, and are a deep listener of the neighborhoods and locales they visit and inhabit.

Connor is eager to be a tool to the communities they serve, and see their strength in asking good questions and synthesizing diverse needs into shared priorities, not knowing an objective “best” or “smart” answer. They believe in the Right to the City and are always learning about what it means to create better mobility and access through public transportation, and walkability and bikeability, carefully connected to one another.

Though transportation and coalition-building illuminate their days, art in community is what helps map the meaning of their life. You’re likely to find them seeing something visual, performative, or literary most nights, but you might have the best luck by “asking a punk” for the address or zoning into the nearest set of spiritual jazz improvisers.

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