Become a Bike Shop Partner

Local bike shops are a vibrant part of our bike community.


Our advocacy promotes a region that is better and safer to bike, and our education programs encourage new people to start riding. This grows the base of bike riders in the Greater Philadelphia region.

Bike shops provide much-needed spaces to learn more about biking, acquire bicycles and gear, and often serve as community hubs for rides, events, and classes. We see our relationship as mutually beneficial, as we need bike shops to serve local bicyclists, and our advocacy makes bicycling better, which increases the number of riders and number of miles biked across the region.

We encourage our members to patronize local bike shops through our Bike Shop Partner program.

How does the Bike Shop Partner program work?

1. Your shop registers as a Bike Shop Partner with the Bicycle Coalition.

2. Submit limited-time discounts exclusive to Bicycle Coalition members via online form.

3. Have your shop and its member-only offers promoted in Bicycle Coalition emails, website, and on social media.

4. Get foot traffic and sales from Bicycle Coalition members who saw your promotion.

5. Repeat: Submit another limited-time offer to be promoted to Bicycle Coalition members and see them in your shop.


1. Is there a fee associated with joining the Bike Shop Partner program?
No, it’s free! We want to help ensure the success of our local shops which are an important part of the bicycling community. We’ll promote your shop if you offer special offers to our members, which helps incentivize Bicycle Coalition membership. The more our membership grows, the more we can advocate for better bike infrastructure and educate new cyclists, which over time grows your customer base here in the region.

2. What are the parameters for the discounts to be offered?
We suggest limited-time offers which create a sense of urgency around redeeming an offer. Think about the marketing emails you get from retailers: they utilize the tactics of “48 hours only!” to get you to buy now instead of waiting. It may also help you drive traffic during slower days of the week or seasons. You can frame the offer however you wish: the discount can apply to specific bikes, gear, or service. Our only request is that they truly be exclusive to Bicycle Coalition members; you can’t advertise an offer than you’re extending to anyone who walks in your shop.

3. How will I know if the customer is a Bicycle Coalition member?
They will present their current membership card.

4. How will your members know that we are a partner shop?
You will be given special designation on our website’s bike shop map and materials to display in your shop. Additionally, our members will see your offers in our Members Only emails (sent once every 2 weeks), on the online Member Portal, and potentially on social media. To ensure maximum visibility for your offer, please plan and submit your promotion in advance so that we have time to advertise it in Members Only.

5. How do I submit an offer to be advertised to members?
We’ll follow up with the form you can use to submit offers once your participation is confirmed. The first step is to sign up to be a partner shop here.

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